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Tony Boone Trails and Chinook Landscape Architecture have a combined 45+ years of experience in sustainable trail and outdoor recreation design, planning, and construction. Our two companies perfectly balance our respective talents to provide our clients with exceptional trails for incredible properties.

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Master Planning

Master Planning is essential for large acreage properties to ensure the shared uses will mesh safely and efficiently while minimizing negative impacts to the environment, future maintenance costs and excessive risk exposure.

Our master plans typically include existing property assessment and drone mapping, and recommendations for trail closures, trail stewardship and maintenance, signage, permitting requirements, and realistic cost estimates for each phase of construction.

Trails/Outdoor Recreation Master Planning


Final Field Design and Layout

The last step to make a project 'shovel-ready,' final design and layout refines a master plan trail corridor down to a single flag line. These flag lines lay the trail lightly on the land and show where the final trail will be built, including every turn, technical trail feature, intersection, and rest area/trail amenity. Final design is often done at the conclusion of the master plan.

Final Design

Trailbuilding is a very unique and specialized category of construction; it takes a special skillset to build enjoyable and safe trails that also protect the natural environments they are built in. TBT and Chinook are both Professional TrailBuilders Association (PTBA) Board members, and many of our clients trust us to select and manage trailbuilders during the construction phases of their projects.

Construction Management

Construction Management
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Education and Training

Tony Boone and Jon Altschuld are educators at heart. Jon is a Trimble Visiting Professional, and Tony has taught over 3,000 students worldwide in the art of sustainable trail design and construction. We provide education and training services for a variety of groups ranging from colleges and universities, to conference sessions, to on-site maintenance and construction staff.

Topics typically include sustainable trail planning, design, construction (hand and machine built), and maintenance, as well as drone data collection, 3D modeling, and GIS software.

About Us

Tony Boone M.Ed

Tony Boone is a pioneer in the evolution and art of planning and creating sustainable trails for mountain bikers, hikers, runners, and equestrians, having completed over 400 successful trail projects encompassing fifteen U.S. states and nine countries. His accomplishments include the first official mountain bike patrol in Colorado in 1989, training eight International Mountain Bicycling Association (IMBA) Trail Care Crews (1997-2011), inspiring and conducting mechanized trail dozer training for IMBA Trail Solutions (2001), and contributing to three IMBA books: Trail Solutions: IMBA’s Guide to Building Sweet Singletrack, Managing Mountain Bikes: IMBA’s Guide to Providing Great Riding, and Bike Parks: IMBA’s Guide to New School Trails. During his career, Tony has taught over 3,000 students worldwide the art of sustainable trail design, construction, and management.


Currently, Tony is the owner of Tony Boone Trails and the Business Development Specialist for Timberline Trailcraft. Tony holds a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Animal Science, and a Master of Education focused in Outdoor Adventure Recreation.

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Jon D. Altschuld RLA, ASLA

Jon Altschuld is a registered Landscape Architect with over 14 years of experience and the current Secretary for the Professional TrailBuilders Association (PTBA). As the founder and principal of Chinook Landscape Architecture, he is well versed in the design of natural areas, trails, and open spaces, and he specializes in outdoor recreation planning and riparian restoration projects.


He is also an industry leader in presentation graphics, 3D visualizations, drone data collection, and geospatial technologies, regularly presenting and teaching on those subjects. Jon is also the co-author of the internationally published book “Drone Technology in Architecture, Engineering, and Construction.”


Jon holds a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Landscape Horticulture, as well as a Master of Landscape Architecture with a focus in landscape restoration and reclamation. In addition to being a registered Landscape Architect in the states of Colorado and California, he also holds an FAA Remote Pilot Certification.

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